Oakley Motorcycle Club


A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Lead and Tec’s that gave up their time to organise ride outs for the OMC members. Between us we managed to fit in 18 week- end ride outs which would have been 22 if not for 4 being cancelled due to bad weather. In addition to the above Paul Butler organised several Thursday evening routes and he was supported by other lead and Tec’s whenever he was unable to cover these and Colin Measures continued to offer many Mid Week rides.
There was also a 1st this year organised by Paul Butler and Tim McEwan dedicated to leaners and L-Plate riders where a short ride out was organized and Tips and advice were readily available. We hope to continue this next year early in the 2019 season.
Let’s hope that we can look forward to a good summer again in 2019 and with the continued support of our Lead and Tec’s offer you all some great routes throughout the year.