Oakley Motorcycle Club


90 members attended our first ever Spring Ball.

On with the glad rags (scrubbed up well some of us) and head for the Bedford Golf Club at Great Denham.

A string quartet (Bridie, Andrew, Rachel & Rosie) played for us during the meal, and the Auctioneer (Tom Wisson) helped us raise over £1000 for the EAAAmbulance with his customary skill and witty banter.

After a 3 course meal and a few glasses of lemonade (hic) those that had the energy took to the floor with the disco playing until midnight.
A cracking good night, enjoyed by all.
Looking forward to next years.

Here (at last I hear you say!!) are some photo's of the evening taken by Colleen and myself (Roger).
Hope you enjoy them.

As you know we took a photo of each couple as you entered (well nearly all, one or two were camera shy). A few examples are shown here.
If you attended the event and would like a copy of you and your partner, I would be happy to email you a High Resolution version. All I would ask is you make a donation (say a minimum £2) to the EAAA Charity.
I could also print one on to Quality Glossy Paper if you would like, a nominal fee would be made for this, also in aid of the EAAA. Yes the White logo above your heads can be removed if you prefer.
Email me at:- roger.mant@oakleymc.net.