Oakley Motorcycle Club


With over 30 bikes turning up for this ride. Paul Butler decided to split the group.
We were heading for the Long Itch Diner @ Southam
The weather was fresh and the sun was bright (at the start) and we all headed off. It seemed that as soon as we left Bedfordshire the sun disappeared and the temperature dropped, but it is February so what did we expect. Fortunately both groups arrived at the Diner for a Brunch and much banter about the ride. The sun had reappeared by now and everyone was in good spirits.
Another cracking ride with good company and as you can see in the pic's many smiling faces.
Thanks to Paul B for organising,and leading group 1 & Chris Boddski for acting as lead rider in group 2. Thanks also to our TEC's for sweeping up at the rear.