Oakley Motorcycle Club

BIKE TRACKDAY 29/03/2016

The Trackday season is well under way, the first one at Bedford Autodrome was on the 29th and run by "No Limits"
Fortunately "Katey" had moved through and far away leaving behind a clear/cold but dry day. It did eventually rain, but this was after the days session had finished.
Here are some photo's I took of some of our members in action.
Wasn't exactly in the best place for photography, but as my main purpose for being there was as a "safety marshall" have done the best we can.
Also included are some Pit's photo's taken by the lovely "Steph".
Not sure if I caught every one, apologies if I didn't, not easy to single each bike out. Think I only managed one of Nick on his Suzuki, I was looking for the wrong helmet (doh) Sorry Nick.
Next one is Saturday 2nd April.