Oakley Motorcycle Club


Well !! where did that year go.
Quite a few trackdays this year (2018) with a lot of our regulars making it back.
Kirsty has asked me to post a few photo's on here as a small record of this year.
Mostly I am positioned on Pit Exit which I thoroughly enjoy and gives me a chance to chat to one & all. Once I was positioned at West 8 and this gave me a chance to capture some different shots, but not sure if any OMC members were there that day.
If you have been saying you would like to try it, but aren't sure, I say give it a go. You do not have to be Barry Sheene to take part.
I always remember Alison's first visit a few years ago, she said to me "you'll be able to catch a shot of me as I'll be doing 50mph" - an hour or so later, big smiles on her face and speed had increased. No holding her back now.
Looking at the calendar, it looks like the first trackday at Bedford is on the 25th March and another on the 11th April.
Why not have a look on the MSVT or Bedford Autodrome for confirmation of dates. As we head into the year, more dates will be added.
Here are just a few photo's from 2018, if I find some more will add them later.
Happy New Year to one & All.
Roger Mant.